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Saturday 2 December 2017

What to take for breakfast? Look at this

Thinking of what to take for breakfast?,  yes we are in it together.  This morning, after several thought, I came up with this recipe. Oats with bitter cocoa and low fat milk with honey, top with egg, few pieces of baked potatoes in organic peanut oil.

Apart from tasting great and filling me up, It seems like a good therapy for constipation. Made my  bowel move and rich in nutrients.

10. Benefits of this combination for breakfast.

1.  Rich in fibre especially those in oats
2.  Rich in protein both from plant source
3.  Rich in nutrients especially, B
vitamins and magnesium
4.  High in anti oxidants for neutralizing free radicals
5.  Has anti inflammatory effect arising from bitter cocoa
6.  Free from additives, flavourings and colourings
7.  Easy and simple recipe
8.  No need for too much oil.
9.   Provides quality energy
10. Palatable to taste


One satchet oats of 50g
One teaspoon bitter cocoa
Medium glass clean water.

Put water on fire while boiling add oats
Followed by the cocoa till it tickens to your choice. 
Bring it down. Add your honey and milk to taste.  It's ready

Then get your lightly stewed egg and baked potatoes, or if you prefer, two or three slices of bread with your egg.  And your rich breakfast is ready with numerous health benefits.


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