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Thursday 13 July 2017

Start Eating These 21 Foods If You have Pain

Start Eating These 21 Foods If you Have Pain

If you suffer pain in any part of your body or whether rheumatism or arthritis,  you are not alone especially during the rainy season like this.  It is tempting to rush for medication, especially if the pain is severe,  but why wait for the pain to be severe, once you experience pain in any part of your body,  search for these foods are include them in your regular meals to reduce the inflammation and increase blood flow to the part where the pain is located:  Most of them contain natural ingredients that will not only kill the pain but destroy bacterial that can complicate the condition:

1.  Tumeric either fresh or the powder
2.  Ginger root
3.  Olive oil
4.  Salmon
5.  Garlic
6.  Mistletoe tea
7.  Green tea
8.  Noni
9.  Sardine
10. Moringa leaves powder
11. Yoghurt
12. Mint tea
13.  Hot peppers like cayenne
14. Coconut water
15. Nuts and seeds
16. Millet
17. All green vegetables including  bitter leaf
18. Sorghum tea
19.Coffee.  - moderately due to its high caffeine content
20. Honey instead of sugar
21. Plenty of water especially in the morning upon waking up. 

It is also important to avoid eating late, stress and embrace more sleep.  Avoid foods containing preservatives and make effort to consume only fresh foods


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