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Sunday 17 December 2017

6 Reasons Why Occasional Bitters are a Healthy Way

Bitters are usually sweet, Sounds like the opposite, but it's true, some of us never bother to include bitter foods into our diet, Apart from herbal bitter mixtures, some vegetable and fruits are naturally bitter, they include, bitter leaf, utazi, eggplant leave, kuding tea, Neem leaves, Bitter gourd,  bitter melon, fenugreek etc.

6 Reasons Why Bitter Foods are good.

1.  Bitters Help Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control.

Some may think this benefit applies only to the older generation.  But it does affect the youth, even the teens as well.  High blood sugar can affect anybody.  It is important to control these sugar cravings even earlier before it becomes a problem. 
Occasional bitters in our diet is a healthy way.

3.  Occasional bitters enhances the liver function in the aspect of metabolism.  If there is too much oil and fat in the liver.  You liver is heated up and finds it difficult to deal with it, the presence of bitters in the diet will assist in cooling this stress off the liver thereby cooling the entire body.

3.  Occassional bitters starves yeast and candida.  These are unhealthy bacterial that feeds on sugar including cancer. the more sweets we consume, the more we feed them or rather the fatter they grow.  It will be a healthy idea to starve them with the addition  of bitters.

4.  Bitters Help ward off some common disease like malaria and typhoid.  If you are in the habit of always taking drugs for either malaria or typhoid, try the inclusion of bitters and watch your health improve generally.

5.  Bitter foods general strenghtens our immune system by reducing inflammations and general body weakness. If you are always weak and tired,. try including bitters.  Your energy level will increase.  

6.  Most bitters help burn unwanted fat.  So if you are obese and desire a reduction in weight,  try consuming bitter foods.  You may well not require much effort taking off those fat.


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