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Friday 25 May 2018

7 Health Benefits of Golden Melon

7 Health Benefits of Golden Melon

Golden melon is one seasonal fruit that you need to taste,  though unfamiliar  to many,  the fruit is loaded with nutrients that help boost your immune system.   Here are a few of the health benefits of golden melon.

1.  A source of Vitamin C.  

We are all aware of the role of vitamin C in neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation.   This fruit being a raw food is rich in vitamin C to help our body fight disease and infections.

2.  Help reduce Cholesterol: 

The fruit is a source of soluble  fibre which binds with cholesterol  and pull
them out of their various locations in our bodies.   Too much cholesterol if unchecked by continuous heavy consumption  of saturated  fats especially those from animal source could lead to ailments like heart attack and stroke.

3.  Great For Constipation

If you have problem passing stool for days,  try juicing golden melon,  pineapple and one fresh cucumber  and you will be amazed at the result.  Some constipations are actually  resistant,  until you combine two to three raw fruits to get the synergy, the hard stool may remain stucked deep there in the intestine.  It is important to make haste in getting those toxins  quickly out of our system  before they cause other problems.

4.  Good For Blood Pressure

The fruit is not only nutritious but also fat cholesterol and fat free,  making it a great addition to sufferers of high blood pressure.

5.  Easily Digestible

Though some may want to conclude that all raw fruits are easily digestible. But that is far from the truth,  eggplants and guavas, are not in the class with golden  unless blended.   Golden melon is an easily digestible non acidic fruits  that can benefit even those with bowel and intestinal issues.   
It is also cool on contact with the digestive tract unlike some acidic fruits.

6.  A Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is beneficial  for those with bone issues.   It is there necessary  for such persons to make golden melon their friend, being a source of this rear nutrient.

7.  Helps You Sleep

Those battling insomnia should try juicing golden melon with cucumber, you will get a nutritious milky juice that calms you to sleep.  The presence of vitamin C must be responsible for the calminative effect of golden melon.

In summary the fruit is sweet naturally and diabetic patients may be concerned about the sugar,  in this case they can juice it with cucumber or other unsweetened fruits to bring a balance.   It is a healthy decision to enjoy seasonal fruits like golden  melon.   Take advantage of the season and boost your immune system


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