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Friday 4 May 2018

12 Tips To Help You Stay healthy

Staying healthy is everyone's desire,  but many are struggling  to achieve wellness, Constantly  living under threat of one ailment or the other.   If you have never suffered ill health,  you may never appreciate wellness.   Here are 12 proven tips to help you stay healthy January to December each year:

1.  Water Therapy:  The benefits of taking surfficient  water daily is no longer news, of greater interest is the
Water therepy which was popularized  by a Japanese, it simply  teaches that taking sufficient glasses of water first thing in the morning in empty stomach  will ward of many ailments.   Additionally, ensuring that you take
according to your body weight to ensure that the internal organs are saturated with water are of utmost importance.

2.  Avoiding Late Meals:  Some folks for varying excuses must have their meals between 9 and 10pm, but we recommend  not later than 7.00pm daily.  I personality  suggest that if you must eat after 7pm, then ensure there are not fats and oils in that meal.   Foods like honey are okay.

3.  Upon waking up, try a simple daily detox especially if you are over 40yrs. After your water therapy,  it helps activate internal organs.   Foods in this category  includes green tea. Ginger,  garlic,  cinnamon,  turmeric,  cloves, lemons,  limes etc all goes well with honey.

4.  Sufficient protein  after your detox for body building.  Ensure there is calcium in your breakfast, foods like milk, soya,  millet,  oats are good sources.

5.  Ensure sufficient  healthy fats in your breakfast,  such found in avocadoes,  coconut oil,  peanuts,  olive oil etc.   They keep you fuller for longer too thereby helping to check weight gain and diabetes.

6.  Away From Processed Foods:  As much as possible,  reduce highly processed  foods such as carbonated  beverages, drinks,  and similar  foods.

7.  Ensure Not to skip breakfast:  It's an important meal that helps to equip your body.   Have heard folks who suffered insomnia for some time until their eating habit of skipping breakfast was corrected, that was when they were delivered.

To be continued