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Monday 7 May 2018

Tips To Help You Stay Healthy

12  Tips To Staying Healthy

TipsTo Help You Stay Healthy.

This is in continuation  of our 12 Tips to help you stay healthy, in the last post,  7 were discussed,  today we shall discuss 5.

1.Enough Sleep:  The role of quality sleep towards wellness is no longer news.   Most people declare that they are okay with 5 to 6 hours sleep, I however believe the older you get,  the less you sleep.   Although  individual needs vary,  I should be okay  with 6  or 7 hours of uninterrupted  sleep.   The quality of the sleep also counts.   One could sleep for up to 7 hrs without really being in deep sleep.  It also satisfies  and heals best if the sleep was not interrupted.  Most ailments and are cured and repairs  done during sleep.

2.  Moderate Exercise:  Exercise is a daily necessity in maintaining good health.  Walking is always preferred  as one of the best form of exercises
especially  amongst  the elderly.   Exercise helps all the internal organs function optimally. Those who ensure daily exercise can attest that it is as necessary as nutrition towards wellness.

3.  Emotional  Stability:  An aspect often neglected by many is the place of stable  emotion towards wellness.   An emotionally unstable person cannot be healthy no matter  what he or she takes, showing that there is strong link between wellness  and emotion.  They are intertwined  in a most supernatural  manner that may not be comprehensible  by the human mind. No wonder the Holy Book declares,  "The Joy of the Lord is My Strenght"

4.  Trace Minerals:  These are very important micronutrients that are needed in small amount by the body.   Foods like sea salt are good sources of these trace minerals. Without these micronutrients,  the main nutrients and vitamins are not fully utilized by the body.

5. Good Posture:  Unknown to many,  ailments they suffer arose from their posture especially things like arthritis and other bone related issues.   Some sit on very low objects which overtime give rise to health problems which becomes difficult  to manage.

Finally,  whatever be the situation, it is best to employ variety both in our diets and postures,  all these contribute to total  wellness.


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