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Friday 21 June 2024

Detox your body and Prevent Infections

What is Detoxification:   

This is simply a process through which your body gets rid of toxins, pesticides and other harmful chemical naturally by the help of key organs.  Major organs involved in detoxification are the liver, kidney, pancreas, skin, colon, and  lungs. Our bodies are expected to naturally remove these toxins naturally without assistance, however as we age and the toxins increase in our systems, the organs are nolonger getting younger and the toxins are increasing at an alarming rate due to exposures which  brings an overload of these toxins upon our organs.  When they accumulate over a period of time, the entire body begins to feel sick.

When  Do We Need Detoxification

Constipation: It is expected that we pooh daily or every other day depending on the individual, however, if constipation becomes persistent over a long time, then their may be need for us to bring in natural ingredients to assist our body get rid of these waste that may soon choke our organs.


 If we discover frequent break outs our, skin problems that refuses to heal.  Then the skin may be sending a message to detox.  The skin will always report correctly what is happening inside.  If all is well within,  then you will have a clear glowing skin.

Weight Gain:

When gain continues with much effort to loose weight and not getting result, it may be a sign that there is overload of toxins whithin.

Other signs of need of detox includes:  Not sweating for a long time, poor appetite, sluggishness, lack of sleep for a long period of time and other unfamiliar symptoms.

How Toxins Enter Our Body

Whether we believe it or not, our exposure to toxins today has never been so alarming in history:
A brief look a how and when they enter our body

- Through the food we eat, many of us enjoy processed  and packaged foods and drinks laden with sugar and other chemical preservatives and the liver must work hard to get rid of these preservatives when they get inside

- Drinks:  

These includes carbonated beverages containing gas and other harmful agents to our body.  Drinks include hard water, from poor sources. 

-  Body creams, 

Soaps, detergents, perfumes, powder and other beauty products.

-  Our Physical Environment:  Usually when generators and other machines are in operation, they release fumes into the air, making even the air we breath sometimes toxic.  when we live in environments with so much toxic waste in the surrounding, when we live in industrial areas with large generators and machines, we take in toxins through the air we breath.

Ways to Avoid Toxins

-  Go for organic foods whenever possible
-  Ensure your water is purified, avoid water from tanks, dirty bottles, cellophane bags , reservoirs or other unhealthy sources.
-  Reduce exposure to chemicals from beauty products, whenever possible make your own soaps, creams and other products.  I make mine own bathing soaps, kitchen soaps and body creams for several years and it has been helping me reduce toxic expossure.
- Maintain healthy lifestyle and ensure personal hygiene
-Reduce junk foods and natural foods
- Stay closer to nature.  Gardens, flowers and home grown trees. 

Benefits of Detoxifying your System

-  Helps slow down aging
-  Glowing skin, hair and nails
-  Boost your immune system.  Your body is stronger to resist infections.
-  Energy Booster.  You feel increased energy after a good detox
- Aids fertility both in men and women
-  Reduce frequent bacteria infections, including fungal
-  Helps in achieving weight losss
-  Helps prevent tumors and reduce their spread.

Simple Detox you can Do at Home


You can combine any of these fruits for a liver/kidney cleanse

Cucumber or Green apple

You can also include any of these herbs:

Nettle leaf tea
Bitter leaf juice
Raw Vegetable juice
Olive oil

Eat Walnut, green vegetables  and cabbage

For Natural Blood Cleansing.  Use any of the following:

Mistletoe tea
sorghum tea
Golden seal root
Cayenne pepper with red clover
Dandelion or garlic

You can make a tea or tincture from any of the above items and drink and ensure to take more water during your detox


You can make a detox drink for your whole body cleans by making use of any of the fruits mentioned below especially citrus fruits - lemons, limes, oranges, etc

Cucumber slice
Mint leaves
Fresh ginger or garlic
slice of lemon or lime
Citrus fruits


You can make use of any of the following:

- water
- Apple cider
- Lemon and lime
- Cucumber slice
- Cinnamon

Common Detox  Hot Drinks -  General

-Lemon + Ginger + Honey
 Tumeric + Green Tea
 Ginger + Tumeric
  Green Tea + Lemon/Lime

Cold Drinks
Lemon slice  + Cucumber slice with water
Lemon juice or slice with water
Carrot + Orange juice plus ginger powder
Cucumber plus aleo vera

In summary

it is advised we do a daily simply detox or include these detox  food to our regular meals instead of allowing a heavy build up of toxins requiring rigorous detox that are some times difficult and stressful.


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