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Tuesday 9 October 2018

Take this Mixture before bed to reduce blood pressure and fat

If you have been struggling to reduce your body weight, it is a good thing to work to  stay on the healthy side of your  weight because excess body weight most times comes with other health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and a host of others.

This is my latest secret in maintaining my body weight and at the same time warding off many other ailments that knocks as we age.

The secret is in just two mix.  Long over looked before now.  Cinnamon and honey mix is a wonder combo that wards off many ailments including malaria, tooth ache, heart problems, cold, pains, weakness, diabetes, insomnia, excess body weight, high blood pressure,  yeast infection, you just name it.

It is important however to state that all cinnamons are not the same, one is toxic more than the other.  One is lighted while the other is deeper brown.  I prefer the lighter one,. Supposing, it is the Ceylon brand, the other brand is the acacia cinnamon.

Some food regulatory bodies  advises that cassia cinnamon contains high levels of coumarin and should not, therefore, be eaten.

Cassia Cinnamon is a lot cheaper than the real or Ceylon variety. Most cinnamon sold in the supermarket is the Chinese or Cassia variety.

Ceylon Cinnamon

This is also called real, sweet or good cinnamon. It is produced in Sri Lanka from the plant called Cinnamomum Zeylanicum.

It is light brown in color and thin and soft in appearance. The sticks are filled like a cigar with several folded layers. The amount of coumarin content is only 0.0004% against 5 % found in Cinnamomum Cassia.  Some times it is better to use the stick as it is easier to differentiate it.  Looking at the differences in the photo.


1.  Half bottle of organic honey
2.  Two small bottle cinnamon powder

( I prefer the bright coloured Cinnamon.  Mix together in a bowl with the honey.  Keep mixing until you get a smooth paste.   Then store in any highly closed container of your choice and lick half teaspoon before bed each night and you we will experience the following after about two weeks:

A gradual drop in weight
Increased energy level
Better insulin response to blood sugar
Better sleep at night
Improved blood pressure
Better resistance to cold and infections
Reduce inflammations and several other benefits

You can also use cinnamon powder as a spice to bring out the natural taste of your meals without the processed and salted taste enhancers found in supermarkets.  The benefits of organic honey to health is long documented in history.


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