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Monday 8 October 2018

Signs, Your Liver May be Fat and what to eat

The liver is one large internal internal organ doing so much.  It is usual for the liver to have some fats around it, however when it is too much, it call as for concern as that can impair it's functions of fat metabolism, eliminating toxins, producing proteinscand controlling the amounts of amino acids.  It is therefore important to ensure that the kiver is kept healthy.
So many people move about with fatty liver unknown to them as the symptoms are sometimes not so manifest.  Engaging in too much alcohol is the leading cause of fatty liver, however other factors such as
Poor nutrition such as too much fried foods are also agents
Diabetes and 
Metabolic syndrome are other factors
Tests needs to be carried out to determine the extent of inflammations or fat deposition around the liver.
Common Symptoms of Fatty Liver are:
Physical fatigue

Weight lossConfusion

Abdominal pain

Poor appetite

Here are Diets to Help in case You Suspect a fatty liver:

1.  Fruits such as Berries:

These are rich sources of vitamin C which acts as Antioxidant helping the liver offload excess fat.

2.  Olive Oil:

The most important diet to watch against when eating to reduce fatty around the liver is unhealthy fats, avoid saturated fats such as are found in margarines, meats and animal source, red palm oil is also offensive in this respect.  Coconut oil is good as it cannot be stored as fats like other fats, but it must be in moderation

3.  Grains:

Grains are natural and rich  source of B group of vitamins which helps the liver detox.  Popular in this group are millets, oats, unpolished rice and soghurm.

4.  Omega 3 rich Fish

These include sardines, salmons, and Tuna

5.  Green Vegetables

6.  Cruciferous veggies like Cabbage

7.  Coffee

8.  Garlic

9.  Green tea

10. Onions

11. Tumeric

12.  Honey

In summary, it is important to include moderate exercise and avoid fried foods and stress.  Which ever food we eat, moderation should be our guide.



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