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Wednesday 26 December 2018

How To Use Black Seeds

Also known as Nigella Sativa, black cumin, this seed has been used for over 2000 years for the cure and management of many diseases.  With the latest saying that" it cures Everything but Death" a lot of research is ongoing on the health benefits of black seeds.  Whether it is the oil or the ground black seed powder, which ever one you use, black seeds is both food and medicine for many ailments and degenerative diseases when almost all hope is lost.

The health benefits of black seeds are numerous.  Having been privileged to use both the seed and the oil, I can confidently recommend black seed either the oil or the powder as a health Boosting food especially for the elderly or mature adult worth trying.

Here are Some other Ways to use Black Seed

1.  01.  Diabetes

Use Black seed oil mixed with raw honey, twice  day.  A reduction in carbohydrates is also necessary with occasional bitters.

02     Diarrhea

  Mix one teaspoon of black seed oil with a cup of yoghurt a d drink, twice a day.

03.  Facial Paralysis

Place one teaspoon of the oil in a liter of boiling water and inhale the fumes.

04.  Headaches and Migraine

Take the black seed oil and place on the temples.  Place a few drops in the nostrils.  Also place some on the top of the head.  Eat some blackseeds two or three times a day.

05.  Memory

Half teaspoon of blackseed and half teaspoon of raw honey, 3 times a day.

06.  Mouth Infection

Place some blackseed in your mouth and leave for about 10 minutes

07.  Cancers and Tumors

Take one tablespoon of black seed oil mixed with one teaspoon of raw honey on empty stomach just before breakfast.

08.  Rheumatism and back pain

Heat some of the black seed oil and rub at the location of the pain. Mix some with honey and consume at least on teaspoon daily.

09.  Hair loss

Wash your hair and apply liberal amount of olive oil with black seeds mixed together.  Wait about 1 hr and Rinse off.

10.  Cardiovascular problems

Half teaspoon of the oil mixed with hot water daily.  Drink first thing in the morning.

11.  Cold and Flu

Take one teaspoon of the oil with honey or  put them in your tea.  You can also place some under your nostril in case of nasal congestion.

12. For General well being and to improve Health

Take one spoon of honey and one spoon of black seeds mixed everyday.  You can add to your tea.  I like adding some of the honey and blackseed mix to my soy powder for the entire family.  It makes it taste better and you feel better all through the day especially for diabetics. At other times, I add a teaspoon of the mix to my bread as a spread instead of butter.

Finally it is important to not that you should not take too much at a time as you may get negative side effect.  Also always heat your black seeds lightly before consuming it.  You will love the taste after slight heating or when used in hot water like tea.


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