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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Healed From Heat Burns: See What I used

My Latest Testimony, Healed Naturally.
I am excited to share this testimony  here and to advise our matured adults  to beware of minor wounds and injuries.  My Thanks goes to the Amighty God, the King of Kings for His Mercies. He gave us herbs for our healing, but we need to be educated and told about their benefits and uses too
About a week and a couple of days ago.  I had a heat burn under my navel.  Did not seem like a serious matter to me.  Initially applied coconut oil.  Days later, the skin had peeled off and the surface was a full blown open wound.
Coconut oil alone could not perfect the healing.
I kept awake and prayed for mercy and wisdom, My people.  No knowledge is a waste.  Keep learning all you can about healthy food and natural health.  I knew the open wound at such location and for my age was dangerous.    No longer a fan of antibiotics, then suddenly remembered there was a bottle of aleo oil on my table.  I mixed about 4 drops to about a teaspoon of Coconut oil and applied on the face of the wound.  Honestly, the result and relief was instant.
More of this oil was prepared and applied morning and evening, and withing 3 days, the wound had healed completely. 
Amazing Facts About This Aleo Oil and Cold pressed coconut oil for Burns.
1.  Kills pains and destroy their links (. If you do not know, pains have links)
2.  Stops inflammations.
3.  Calms the body.
4.  Supplies nutrients topically making it easy for the surface wound to access nutrients directly. 
5.  The healing is faster and stress free
6.  It is easy.  No dressing.  Just a drop or two of the oil.
7.  It has nice aroma
8.  It disinfects the wound and prevents infection with the synergy of Coconut oil
9.  If you can stop inflammations.  The situation will surely get better.  This is what happens with this combination.
10.  Great for diabetics too.  Who may have problems healing their wounds.
11.  It is non toxic.  The wound heals without oral antibiotics and introduction of toxins in the body.
13.  It is convenient.  Yes, we know aleo Vera heals but you cannot carry the fresh gel to all your locations and these raw gel are not usually effective after few hours unless Preserved.  This is more convenient and yet effective.
An Advice to older Adults

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