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Saturday 22 February 2020

Versatile Essential oils to keep in your Home

Introduction The use of essential oils to manage certain. ailments and improve health is becoming more popular than ever before. It is now common to see people resorting to essential oils to improve their health and build strong immunity against diseases and infections. If you are new to the world of essential oils, it is important to be cautious and tread gently as they are highly concentrated: Here are a few versatile essential oils and the uses summarized to help you start using the, blending them are OK, but I like to start with one and a carrier oil like olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil. 1.Cinammon oil Promote energy, wellness and warmt 2.Lemon oil. - cleansing, uplifting and focus 3. Lemon grass - spoths tension, cleans and purify 4. Peppermint oil - fighting stress, stimulating, warmth 5. Bergamot oil - uplift mood, promote wellness, refresh 6. Lime oil. - Happiness booster, cleansing 7. Eucalyptus oil. - soothing, calming and humidifier 8. Tangerin oil - Balancing emotions, releasing tension 9. Frankincense oil - minimize puffiness, sooth skin 10. Rosemary oil. - focus thinking, easy breathing 11. Lavender oil - Soothing, calming. Moisturizing 12. Pine oil. - cleanse, purify, easy breathing. 13. Thyme oil. - Detoxify liver, boost immunity, antiseptic 14. Clove oil. - relieves pain, especially tooth ache, antibacterial 15. Chamomile oil. - calming, helps digestion and sedative. In summary, essential oils are best used externally especially if you are a beginner. For inhalationusing steam or spread on an existing n handkerchief. Moderation is the rule.


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