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Saturday 19 August 2023

Here are 7 Top Reasons why Almond is My No 1


Almonds may not be so common like most nuts but I have recently put it on  top list of my most liked nuts. Here are just 7 top reasons why it has earned that position. 

 1. Protects the Heart

 The heart appears to be one of the most important organs of the body because once it stops working, then it's over. several things seems to hunt this important organ daily such as cholesterol, excess body wright, stress, nutrients deficiency like vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and other heart supporting foods and these are all loaded in almonds nuts. I personally notice that anytime I have heart related issues usually before bed, consuming 3 or 4 soaked as after removing the peels usually fix it. It is important for older adults to have almonds at home if available 

 2. Reduces signs of Aging:

 Obviously nobody wants to look or feel older than the actual age and important nutrients like Vitamins E, calcium are needed to achieve this. The brain is another aspect of the human body that needs protection and almonds is a brain food.

  3. Regulates blood Sugar

 High blood sugar and high blood pressure are top on the list of ailments that troubles older adults. Almonds is particularly good in providing protection against diabetes and high blood pressure but we must not overdo is because it is dense in nutrient. maximum of 4 or 5   nuts should be okay. Diabetics and prediabetics can con prediabetics can moderately consume almonds without spike in sugar or inflammations.

  4. Brain Support: 

The brain needs support and very few foods contain brain supporting nutrients but the good news is that almonds is a Super food for brain Health. It could be consumed in the morning too, though I prefer it at night as it calms my brain and defeats insomnia which is common amongst women during menopause. 

5. Fights insomnia: 

When falling asleep or staying asleep begins to pose a problem which will ultimately affect the overall health,  it  is important to quickly incorporate this healthy nut into the diet to defeat insomnia which if neglected will invite other health problems. It is important not to overdo it so as not better to soak the quantity for each day. staying too often long in water is not good too. Maximum of overnight soaking is okay. It is okay also to reduce consuming much of inflammatory nuts like peanuts if you are incorporating almonds because nuts are generally high in calorie. moderation is our rule

 6.  Fights Constipation:  

Almond is rich in fibre and helps tackle constipation. Although it requires some hours after consuming almonds followed by sufficient water to get this benefit.  

7.  Great for Reducing Bad Cholesterol 

The presence of mono unsaturated in almonds makes it great for those who want to lower their bad cholesterol.  It is a source of fibre too.

Other Reasons  to include Almonds in your diet.  It helps with weight loss being a source of calcium, protein and fibre, these nutrients are needed for a good weight loss program.  It supplies energy thar lasts because it is dense in nutrition.  This aspect of nutrients density makes it great for fighting diseases.  The type of fats found in almonds does not clog arteries and will make a good addition for those managing inflammations and pains.  Only ensure to consume moderately.  7 or 8 nuts in a day is what I take depending on if other nuts were consumed the same day.


Best time to consume almond in my view is either on empty stomach in the morning after water therapy, or last thing at night and if at night not more than 4 nuts to avoid feeling uncomfortable and to help it deal with insomnia too.



  1. Great! Thank you ma. This is very educative. May God continue to increase your knowledge.
    Ma, can someone with a Bp issue take it?