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Thursday 17 August 2023

Consider Adding Cassava leaves tea amongst your non caffeinated teas



Cassava root has been food for several years and centuries but only recently did we start to hear about the leaves also we were made to understand that cassava is high in cyanide and needs fermentation and other special methods of cooking before the Cyanide in cassava root could be  reduced or  can make it edible but even then we have now come to know that  some species of cassava root can be boiled just like  yam or sweet potatoes and consumed with any source of your choice.  

 I have also successfully incorporated  the edible cassava root into my diet but not the leaves however,  recently I decided to also give the leaves  a try.  Several results from research and studies have revealed that the purple cassava leaves is rich in iron especially those  who are iron deficient or who are looking for how to boost their  iron level.  It is also said to have a lot of other nutrients like vitamin A and C  and some proteins but now I have also decided to try  the cassava leaves collected from the edible cassave root and stem and founded it does not  possess or not as harmful as we thought or were made to believe,  thanks to researchers.  

Here are some of the health benefits of cassava leaves.  I gathered from edible cassava root. the leaves, and boiled as tea with the stem. but you must make sure that it is edible cassava leaf because I still feel that there are some species of cassava that are not edible, so ensure  that the one you want to consume is edible one and that is what I do instead of just seeing any cassava in the market or cassava root or Leaf and start consuming it, Get adequate information from the person giving or recommending a particular leave or cassava to you, that is what I did,  internet information is not enough.  The Health  benefits includes:

Source of vitamin A for eyes: 

 Tasting the cassava leaves tea in small amount after boiling about leaves with the stalk for about 10 minutes on normal gas light with the cover of the pot uncovered is the reason or basis of this article 

It is also said to be good source of vitamin C and good for managing type 2 diabetes.  It is good  to consume in small amount first before consuming more, I have fully incorporated consuming the cassava roots by merely boiling and consuming with any sauce of my choice.

Cassava root is known for its positive effect on prostate enlarge and consumers have testified that it significantly controlled their frequency of urination.  

I have consumed the cassava leaves tea which is said to be good for nerve  problems, while I do not doubt this but it will require someone with nerve problems to confirm this too.  In all, the tea tastes bland which will make it a good addition for diabetes,  I understand its great for rheumatic pains too.  


Wash about 4 fresh  leaves including the stem

Add water and boil for about 10 minutes leaving the pot open throughout the cooking period, after that,

Sieve out the leaves and allow to cool and take about half cup.  I took mine on empty stomach after my water and lemon juice therapy,


It is said to possess several other health benefits including killing worms, however its good to be sure that it is the edible cassava leaves tea you are using. The purple leaves is said to be even  richer in iron and  fighting off  iron  deficiency anaemia.  Better to start with little quantity first like myself and progress gradually.  As for the root, it is already part of my natural foods whenever I want to take carbohydrates and it tastes nice too with low glycemic index too, making fairly okay for diabetes if consumed with vegetables and proteins.


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