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Friday 19 May 2023

My Anti inflammatory Mix

Tumeric: Tumeric is one of the top anti inflammatory spices with numerous health benefits. it is great for liver health, improving digestion, managing high blood pressure, reducing obesity, reducing age related brain issues, managing diabetes, supporting heart health, improving blood circulation and numerous other health benefits. It is best paired with ginger or black pepper for full absorption. Ginger Ginger is known for its gut benefits, improving digestion, reducing risk of ovarian cyst. improving blood circulation and fighting various inflammation such as arthritis. It is even more effective when combined with tumeric. Cinnamon: Sweet Cinnamon as it is refered to by the Holy Book helps to enhance the taste of foods and helps in diabetes management. Cinnamon also supports heart health, natural insulin production by supporting the body to do its work. Considering the benefits of these 3 spices. I decided to combine the three and the end result is a powerful anti inflammatory mixture which supports my health in various ways, in addition to bringing out the natural tastes in my meals. I add it also to my millet pap,oats and other teas for breakfast. This is in addition to using it in my soups and stews making it palatable. Moderation remains our rule. Despite the benefits, we must take moderately.


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