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Tuesday 1 August 2023

Check out these 5 Foods, Your Hearts Best Friends



The heart is the powerhouse of the entire body began to pump from the day we were born until the last day we breat our last.  it is therefore important to protect and guard this important organ especially as we age.   Certain foods tend  to damage our heart such as foods that are high in cholesterol, foods that are high in fat, foods that are high in animal protein these are the top foods that cause our heart to be weak and also too much spices and  chemicals from processed foods.  So as we get older, we should try  to reduce the consumption all foods that will hurt our heart I have come to realise that there are foods that our heart loves over the years, I came to this conclusion and here are my  top 5

Green Vegetables

If you are aiming to preserve your heart and to keep it healthy you must embrace more of green vegetables there are variety of green vegetables and many of them are quite low in calorie and I think it is this calorie aspect that makes the greens super for the heart.  The common ones around us here are pumpkin leaves  spinach, bitter leaf, kale,  waterleaf, efirin and several others.  We can include them  moderately and they are best  in the morning duing the breakfast or last thing at night I have realised that here are best time to eat these vegetables.  Over the years I've been eating them at night only  which is quite good because green greens are healing foods if you are suffering any element and you want healing you should focus on more of the greens and not only the greens that are also others like   cruciferous vegetables.  they are low in calorie veggies such as cabbage,  onions and similar ones like that.  they are healing food.

Cayenne  pepper 

Another food that is super healthy for our heart is the Cayenne pepper we are already familiar with this paper as I have talked about it on several occasions, It  is great for the heart because of its  circulatory function and  benefits it helps improve blood circulation and any food or Spice that improves blood circulation is a heart friendly food.  There are  several others but this one particularly is unique in the way it manages blood vessels the way it works with blood vessels research has shown that it supports ourvm heart in a very special way.  I call it our hearts best friend and those who are experiencing heart issues should always keep this pepper around because it could save someone from a heart attack.  Can find it in ground forms like dried and ground and its best to ground the dried peppers yourself.   or get the  fresh versions during the season but it's available all through  the season and they are also   very Potent but whenever possible use the fresh cayenne pepper.

Red wines

Red drinks and wines.  Talking the red wines those with red colour red drinks like beetroot Hibiscus flower tea and several other red drinks and wines are super healthy for the heart including soghurm,  these  are from the grains of sorghum bicolor  grains, I have had occasion to test  most of these teas even pomegranate they're all great for the heart they help to strengthen the heart and support its function.  It  is important to have them around there could be occasions when you just feel your heart isn't what it should be then you go for them.   but I don't also recommend or suggest continuous or daily use of them because I have tried it in that way and  noticed it doesn't go well it's just once in a while you take this red wines and drinks  and expect them to help cleanse the heart,  to clear the heart and strengthen the muscles as well.

Fatty Fish

Fish Oil:  You can find this in fatty fish like sardines, salmon, Mackerel and others or you can supplement occasionally with a good fish oil to help strengthen your heart.


We can not talk too much about water  therapy and how it supports our entire body, building the heart .  so sufficient water solution to water you always be taken to help the heart function at its best to support its function and then another thing that can weaken our heart is stress.   As much as possible please  reduce stress and find time to rest and relax during the day even 30 minutes, though I am still trusting God to give me Grace in this aspect, some people hardly rest or sleep during the day.  


There are several other heart healthy foods, but these are my top 5 and best for older adults.  Remember that moderation is our rule.


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