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Wednesday 13 March 2024

Sea Salt gaggle in Warm Water to Reverse Toothaches


Toothache can be very distressing whenever it comes and usually come with little or no notice.  We are aware that consuming sugary foods especially biscuits and other highly acidic foods is one of the leading causes of toothaches. Too much carbohydrates whose end product is sugar can also trigger toothache.  Stress makes it worse .  There are several home remedies to help with toothaches and other oral problems.  Some common foods to help Reverse or prevent frequent toothaches and oral problems includes,:

Guava leaves tea

Cloves tea or oil

Chia Seeds


Sesame seeds

Cold pressed coconut oil

Cold pressed olive oil

Cashew nuts


Ginger and tumeric tea

Mint tea or mint essential oil

pomegranate tea

Sea salt gaggle with warm water 

Sea Salt Gaggle with Warm Water

One of the cheapest and easiest way to reverse a toothache and other dental problems is using about one teaspoon of seasalt to a cup of warm water and using it to gaggle at the earliest time the first symptom occurs. Do it for about two days.  Keep gargling and pouring it out until the warm water is exhausted and tomorrow you make another.  Two days is enough to resolve all the oral issues and reverse that toothache.  It's been working for me.

 Here are 3 Reason Why It works:

1.  Our teeth just like our bones are made of minerals and seasalt contains over 82 minerals as against the refined table salt.  It helps to add minerals to strenghten our teeth as we gargle.

2.  It is not acidic like table salt. It reduces excess acidity in the mouth which is a convenient ground where bacteria and germs thrives.

3.  It does not feed yeasts.  Most of these yeast and other agents live in the mouth and helps to support inflammations including toothache.


It is best to prevent and reverse oral problems including toothaches as they hardly respond to treatment until the tooth is remove, because of the nonsterile nature.  Prevention is always better especially if we use the sea salt gargle with warm water.


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