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Friday 12 October 2018

My Secret Recipe Against Inflammations

When we consider the havoc done by inflammations or swellings as I choose to call them to our bodies,  you will agree that they are usually either the cause of the disease or they make it worse.  It is surprising that many individual are still in the dark regarding inflammatory conditions and their destructive effect on our health.

Considering the damage they do to us.  It is necessary to include on a daily basis natural anti inflammatory foods to our diet.  When we suffer pains most times inflammations are the hidden cause because they  disrupt blood flow and circulation.  Healthy individuals have secrets, one of such secret is  including anti inflammatory foods daily.  Interestingly most natural foods are in this category, It is important to note however that when there is  excess of any food or nutrient,  the body may respond through inflammations.

6 Habits that Encourages Inflammations:

1. Excess Sugar

We all know too much sugar is bad for us, but worse of all they create inflammations which causes pains.  If you want to avoid inflammations and pains like arthritis and rheumatism then go low on sugar especially white sugar and remember that sugar is not all about white sugar.  All the carbohydrates we consume must be converted into sugar.  If you have the habit of consuming too much carbohydrates especially simple carbohydrates, then you are giving room for inflammations.

2.  Wrong Posture

If you are in the habit of maintaining a particular unhealthy Posture daily or regularly.  Inflammations may develop.  The only remedy in this circumstance is to adjust and change the Posture and also include variety.  By so doing, inflammations may reverse and things gets going again.

3.  Lack of exercise

Lack of regular exercise especially among the elderly folks could give rise to poor circulations, inflammation and pains as well.  The solution to this, is to get moving.

4.  Too Much Processed Foods

Too much processed foods are behind many inflammatory conditions.  Notable among the processed foods are carbonated beverages, bouillion cubes, packaged juice, canned foods like meat, tomatoes and white pastas.  The way out here is to reduce processed foods and carbs.

5.  Fried Foods

Many of us love fried foods, plains, potatoes and flours.  All fried foods including fish and meat are difficult to digest and are agents of inflammations.  So the solution here is to discontinue, better to boil or steam those foods.

6.  Obesity

Even in the absence of all the above obesity is a major feeder of inflammatory conditions.  Simple sugars, too much carbohydrates and no exercise is the key sponsor of obesity which supports inflammations and pains.  Better to stay on the healthier side of your weight.

My Secret Recipe Against Inflammation:

In other to ward off inflammations and their agents, a natural mixture made up of three natural food (antibiotics)  containing  ginger, garlic and organic honey are the secret mixture that helps keep inflammations under control in my case:


Fresh Ginger roots (Scrape about half  cup) milk cup
Fresh garlic about quarter cup, ( crush the garlic)
A bottle of honey about 0.75cl

Put all the crushed garlic and ginger into the bottle.  Cover and keep to ferment for about 7 days and your antibiotics for everyday use is ready.

The dosage is one teaspoon on empty stomach first thing in the morning about two hours before breakfast or last thing at night.

People Who Will Benefit from this Mixture

1.  The elderly folks who are conscious of high blood pressure and cholesterol

2.  Those who suffer frequent infections like malaria and typhoid

3.  Whose who always suffer cold and flu

4.  Individual with poor metabolism

5.  Those who want to reduce stomach fat

6.  Those who suffer constipation

7.  Menopausal and post menopausal women

8.  Ladies who suffer painful mensuration

9.  Men who with low sperm mobility

10.  Men and women who suffer fatigue

11.  Arthritis child and rheumatism

12.  Tooth and gum problems

13.  Sore throat and similar conditions

14.  Poor circulations

15.  Frequent Infections

16.  Flat tummy and many other benefits

This natural antibiotics is safe and could be taken daily.  It is safe for diabetics but sparingly.

Remember that moderation is the rule for everything, including healthy foods.


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