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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

29 Health benefits of Soya Powder

Are you getting enough protein daily?  Protein is the building block, we must work to get enough daily protein especially from plant source daily.  One of such ways is including well processed  Soya bean protein powder in your family diet. 

Health Benefits of Soyabean Powder

1.  Soyabean powder is a source of complete protein that helps stabilize sugar and thus great for diabetics. 

2.  Regular consumption lowers the risk of developing cateract in the eyes. 

3.  Due to its high calcium content, it builds bones and teeth thus helping to minimize osteoporosis in old people.

4.  Soya powder contains phytoenzymes that helps to prevent blood clothing. Heart oxidation and other heart related diseases. 

5.  It helps in reducing atherosclerosis and is of benefit in maintaining proper blood circulation. 

6.  Soya powder contains le ueic acid which benefits skin  hair and nails. 

7.  Soya powder helps control menopausal disorder in women especially in the areas of hot flushes, memory loss, tiredness, weakness and reduced sexual desire. 

8.  Soyabean powder contains isoflavones that helps to minimize the risk of developing certain cancers and plague diseases especially those of the Breast, colon, prostate and skin. 

9.  Soyabean powder is a good diet for weight control due to its high protein content and ability to reduce bad cholesterol. 

10.  Soyabean is rich in B group of vitamins and thus stimulates the growth of Beneficial  intestinal bacteria. 

Soya bean powder must be well processed to get all the benefits.  If not well processed.the high phytate contrnt makes it toxic if not properly done.  Do many people just fry the Soyabean without getting adequate knowledge of its processing. 

The health benefits is to be continued. Also other ideas on how to Enjoy this rich protein food. 

Here are the benefits of including soya bean powder in your family menu regularly


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