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Thursday 31 August 2023

14 Health Benefits of Mint Essential Oil



Mint essential oil as I often call it is a very versatile oil and one that I often keep by my bedside for various reasons.  There are other essential oils for various health management but I find mint oil quite  standing in a lot of ways.  if you are close to me you will also notice that I often talk about mint oil almost above all other essential oils.   Here are the top 13 reasons why it will always  be top on my list of essential oils:

1.  Aids Digestion:  

Top on my list of the benefits of  this oil is its ability to aid digestion.  As we get older digestive health poses some problems especially with some protein rich  foods like beans,  black-eyed cow peas and other protein sources this is an area this oil  is quite very outstanding and useful. anytime you consume foods that produces gas it's important to keep the oil by your side, In fact it's a handy oil  for me for several years now.  You can easily inhale it from the bottle and it will deliver results.  it helps to support digestion generally with such foods that are difficult to digest,  so inhaling it is enough or you can use steam water to steam it in hot water and it will deliver result although some people also added to water and drink I hardly do this because I perceive it may be strong for me.  Though several persons have used it when I recommended it for them and they testified that they added a drop or two with water and drank and it was very very okay for them.  So there is no harm in trying it,  if you think your  system is strong enough to take it cuz I perceive it may be too  strong for me just like most essential oils too.

2.  Helps expel  stomach Gas

 Another very interesting aspect of this oil is expelling gas from the intestine most times the problem we have is gas when we can't sleep at times it's gas when we have stomach upset its gas, several things that gas causes, sometimes when you feel bloated it is gas that is in  there and inhaling this oil, you will notice the gas  as they are going out of your body through the anus or maybe belching but you will just notice that it's going out.  So when these gases go out most of  your health problems are reduced and bacteria activities also. because I have noticed that  the presence of gas acts as  a plus or support for the bacteria's and the viruses that attack us and some of them even helped to produce the gas so that it will support what they are doing but if you can expel those gas I think there won't  be much trouble again and so for this very reason, I like to use it when I take things like black eyed cowpea or beans I saw that I had better sleep so they'll be no traces of gas and when there is no trace of gas you will notice a flatter tummy meaning that your tummy will not look protruding or bloated which is very very good health-wise.

3.  Tones down blood sugar:

 Another interesting aspect of this oil is its  ability to tone down blood sugar in a peculiar way.   Those who are pre-diabetic or diabetic can include this oil in their list of health support because as it aids  digestion,  insulin resistance  had to be  broken when gas and other obstacles are taken out.   it  helps to support the digestion and reduce the insulin  resistance that is posed by this.   Again I lately observed this year and went to do some study about it and found out that somehow it supports   fight against diabetes too and that even made me to have it the more and to keep more of it but if you have history of diabetes or you think you are hereby reached a certain age where diabetes becomes a concern then you can have this oil and inhale  occasionally when you eat in the evening or even first thing in the morning to help push waste out of the body.

4.  Reduces stress:

During times of extreme stress this oil is very very useful especially when you want to do deep breathing,  it really helps a lot with clearing the waste from the body it helps to calm the body down and that feeling of wellness will be there it's the one oil I find very useful in this aspect of deep breathing.  Among other oils  this one goes down very well with me mint essential oil because it helps to reduce stress general all kinds of stress and calm you down to sleep usually just a few drops on The  Palms and then inhaling it while on the bed and breathing out as we already know.    if you have pains you will notice this a generally reduction in the pain.

5.  Warms up the body during cold weather

It  is good to have this oil  most times when you wash cloths or have contact with cold water or during the cold during cold you may noticed something like sneezing something like coldness on your feet or your hands you do not even need to rub this oil on your body just merely inhaling it will send it moving around your body and dispel any sign of cold before now when I wash some clothes or happen to have contact with rain or water a few minutes the next thing I will  notice is coldness all over even trying to move up to the heart but since the use of this oil I noticed that it doesn't happen again once I finished having contact with water just go and inhale  my oil and that's all you may also try it if you  if you suspect something like cold.  It  warms you up and quickly  chase the cold away and all those runny nose and all the  accompanying  signs signs that come with cold  will just disappear and if there are even serious bacteria attached, it kills and destroys them. 

6. Reduces menopausal symptom

I have also found it useful for menopausal women and men  who have  attained  their menopause stage in life and are just coping and trying to live a happy life and age gracefully this is an oil I will recommend you keep around you anytime you'll feel those symptoms like  depression symptoms of anxiety and similar signs, you can just inhale it a little and then you will notice a kind of calmness generally.  

7.  Reduces bacterial and fungal activities

 it is also one of the top oils that helps to reduce bacteria and fungal activities in the if you suffer frequent bacteria attacks microbes, fungal activities and similar conditions,  then it  is important to have  oil to this oil frequently around and you use ├Čt regularly their load, talking of fungal growth and bacteria will be reduced at all times in our body. 

8.  Reduces inflammations and pains: 

 It is also great for reducing inflammation and pains, each  time Imyou  suspect that you have been engaged in strenuous activities which may require analgesic by some people you can rely on the oil to reduce inflammations  even sinuses like runny nose and then general body pains which sometimes if not controlled could go around the entire body attacking other organs.  This antiviral  effect is the next thing I want to talk about why I like the oil so much.

9.  Antiviral Properties: 

 This is also another interesting aspect of the oil,  that I cherish especially during the Covid19,  since the virus was said to most times commence  from the nose which led to the wearing of masks and its  ability to quickly go viral moving round the  entire body so I was always keeping this one  really handy and it was helping me to reduce those symptoms that frightened  us most then, like watery nose coughing and all of that.   So if you suspect things like a viral  or viral attack or an epidemic or  pandemic around.  something like that you can also start using the oil more frequently to strengthen your immunity generally and reduce chances of being attacked by the virus if already attacked reduce chances of its going viral.

10.  Improves Oral Health 

It improves  oral health generally and kills germs and not only does it kill germs it also fights  bad breath for those who are going through bad breath they can also use it  occasionally by inhalation or just drop in a warm water and use it to rinse or gaggle and of course we know that most good toothpastes are made using mint oil or other min derivatives because of its ability to support oral  health generally as I believe. 

11.  Supports Kidney Health 

Without doubt it is also a great  support for  kidney health in a lot of ways and I will encourage anybody or those  that want to their  support their kidney or even undergoing kidney issues to begin to include the oil moderately, because whenever the kidney is under pressure or needs help probably  due to too much toxins in the body or other things like gas or indigestion because that is also an area that it supports the kidney because of this aiding digestion.  helping the body move toxins  out of the body because one of the biggest challenge of the kidney is waste removal, it is involved a lot in waste removal and toxins removal so since this oil  also supports  moving out these toxins,   it supports the kidney in this way.

12.  Fights Constipation:

Constipation seems to be more common amongst women and if you can deal with constipation most other  problems will be gone or saved  as a matter of fact and this is an aspect that, it  is also  quite handy and useful it works instantly when you inhale it in the morning and you have been experiencing chronic constipation if you do not go and pooh  immediately you will notice a slight release  in your intestine moving gas away, followed by other wastes in your stomach which is sending you a signal that something is moving already and this is a very important aspect of our health,, managing constipation, and supporting colon health by doing this function.

13.  Supports Digestive Health

 By helping remove gas it is supporting digestive health and several other things already mentioned and all  ends up in supporting digestive health especially in the area of taking out the gas because the gas sponsors most other digestive problems.

14. Wards off some kind of headache

 I also know that some kind of minor headaches  too be dealt with just by inhaling the oil or using it for steam inhalation can Ward off some headaches.


There are numerous other benefits of this essential oil which time may not permit me to begin to write all here but suffice it to say that it's a very beneficial and versatile oik  although there are a few cautions  about the oil which I need also to state and one of such is that those who are managing high blood pressure should also be aware of it because of its effects of acting as an expectorant so it may tend to push up the blood pressure if the person is already having it and those who are not having the high blood pressure frequent use of the oil may help to alleviate it and in this sense is good for those who suffer low blood pressure to also enjoy it because using it will help to be pushing the blood pressure slightly up instead of going down so in this regard it favours those experience low blood pressure or normal blood pressure another group of people who should not also take it are  those who are in their first trimester of pregnancy, it  should also not be involved in mint oil because of it expectorant behaviour and may  tend to push out the foetus at the formative stage leading to miscarriage.  Also those with stomach ulcers should use it moderately. 


It's also important not to use it too frequently too much all too frequently using it may cause it to not give that affects so much  and then you may not be enjoying the aroma again. This is based on my usage of the oil you may start feeling as if you don't need it or don't ever  want it again and that  is a feeling of something being too much or toxic in your body.   So it's better to use it and then take a break then use it again and then we can use for like 2 to 3 days and then take a break and most essential oils also tend to behave this way from my usage of them


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