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Thursday 10 August 2023

Avoid These Foods if you are Diabetic or Prediabetic


Type 2 diabetes is  very common among people these days although older adults are more  at risk of diabetes or those  that have a family history of diabetes are also at risk those who are overweight are  also at risk but choosing our food wisely can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes even in older adults and those  who are at risk of this  diabetes .  Type 2 diabetes as is when our body's ability to produce insulin is no longer effective or active requiring an external insulin to do the job, this insulin is produced usually by the pancreas to help mop up  the  excess or extra sugar that comes from the food we eat daily but if we continue to eat too much sugar and carbohydrates in our diet overtime our body's ability to produce this enzyme will be reduced or stopped and in that case diseases and other symptoms will begin to show up requiring external insulin which really come from hospitals or through medications:  Here are some common foods to avoid, if you want to heal of diabetes or prevent its early onset.  Avoiding these foods is in addition to avoiding all simple sugars in our diet.  Simple sugars like white sugar, sugarcane, and other  natural foods that comes with simple sugars like  those from white or yellow  pap.  Here are the top foods to be cautious about:


White bread is a simple food we like to eat right from childhood even to old age but it is one of the worst foods that can trigger diabetes or our body's inability to produce insulin because it is among the simple sugars and comes with preservatives and other ingredients that does not support fight against diabetes.   it also contributes to weight gain if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic it's important to stay away from white bread.   White bread from my experience is one of the worst foods because after taking white bread and you check your blood sugar you will notice a sudden rise in your sugar showing that it's not good for your blood sugar so it's better to stay away from white bread and seek  for other sources especially as we all love it for breakfast some may want to opt for Wheat bread, which is not the best but occasional wheat is better than white bread because of its high fibre and it  is a source of B group of vitamins but it is still important to add protein to your Whearbread in order to help it because other ingredients including sugars are usually added unless you make your own wheat bread at home which in most cases is not the case.


It took me some time to come to accept or agree that it is better to stay away from all forms of biscuits if you want to maintain a stable blood sugar before now I was of the view that crackers or other light vegetable biscuits are okay, but not anymore.  They are all the same irrespective of the beautiful packaging and labels.   I was believing that crackers and other dry/light biscuits are okay but I have come to realise that they are also highly acidic because they come with no nutrient but chemicals that helps to support insulin resistance in our body . Though  they may taste light,    look light,  and as a light and even sometimes you feel light,  but the secret with biscuits is that they are highly acidic and inflammatory they also support build up of insulin resistance in the body and so if you are aiming to maintain a stable blood sugar, it  is better to stay away from all kinds of biscuits whether it is crackers, vegetable, onions biscuits  or  which ever biscuit or  whatever name  it is called but as long as it's a biscuit it is better to stay away,  you can take other  snacks like corn nuts if you want to chew on something.   corn nut with a little peanut or  cashew nut,  or other nut like others like  roasted sesame seeds. you can treat them if you feel like doing something but let us avoid the temptation to chew on biscuits I was the victim of it before now  but today it's clear to me that as much as possible it is better to stay away from biscuits in all forms.

White rice:  

White rice is another very bad food for diabetes although there are various ways that we can smartly consume white rice in little amount. I have actually observed that when we consume it with protein like chicken talking of  other proteins  from animal and or add vegetables and other spices that helps to lower sugar like cinnamon consuming it moderately may not really trigger the blood sugar but on a general warning consuming it regularly even in this form frequently will not help our blood sugar to be stable so it's better to stay away from white rice and take a local rice in moderation and in the absence of it if you must consume white rice then you must add  a lot of vegetables and other blood sugar lowering  spices and ensure that there is protein  in there,  like Chicken or Turkey or other animal protein or boiled eggs to help it reduce its inflammatory response and effects on our pancreas

Non Dairy Creamer:

These days a lot of people are misled to believe that non-dairy creamer is the best option for diabetes or prediabetics, all  because  they are trying tobabmvoid dairy.  This is also same thing observed amongst other people with health problems but please note that this type of milk is not only cheap because it has nothing to offer to the body it is inflammatory and does not offer nutrients to the body, nor  help diabetes in any way or pre-diabetics.  I have seen a lot of this milk in the market it is cheaper for producers to produce it because they do not use real milk and I think that it is better to take milk occasionally once in a while if you feel like taking milk, go ahead once in a while.   Just go for full cream milk, it helps blood sugar better but do not add much.   This is what I do once in a while  it's not something you need to repeat daily like you used to do before. consuming milk every morning in your tea, but once in a while you will notice that it calms the body, it  is a brain food and is rich in vitamins and minerals too unlike non dairy creamer.  Stay away from non-dairy creamer, it is not your friend it's inflammatory.   Before you buy milk next time in the market read the labels you will discover that most of them will say non-dairy creamer stay away from non-dairy creamer they don't have anything inside, go for full cream if you need milk or full dairy and then you take it moderately once in a while.   Milk is a biblical food as I often say.   There are other biblical foods too, we read  often in the holy book,  biblical foods like we heard of milk and honey in the Bible and a lot of other places  why is land flowing with milk and honey a good land.  You can suggest an answer.  So I don't think milk is bad as a matter of fact it's just that we consume too much of it sometimes and then as we get older we also tend to continue consuming it in the same amount when we are no more growing and the body does not need it again for growth so we must reduce its consumption I think avoiding it totally all the time or abstaining 100% may not be the best for older adult but reducing it and the frequency is what I stand for.


Regular  milk in all its form is inflammatory and helps  to feed yeast and under pathogens it does not also help with pains especially those like arthritis or those  that have to do with  arteries and all kinds of things because it may tend to clog the arteries and slow down the circulation of blood which is needed for healing though it is also a healing food  in a way because in the absence of pains and inflammation's once in a while I suggest milk in small amount especially the full cream milk take it once in a while in moderation and relax it doesn't cause any harm what happens is frequent consumption of it in large amount is what I do not agree with but taking it frequently also causes insulin resistance I have also personally observed this and done some test to check and I can confidently confirm that consuming milk frequently will support insulin resistance and so it is not good for diabetes to consume milk regularly and in large amount because of its effect on the blood sugar and it is a source of sugar also. Another good side is  that it has complete amino acids and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that is why once in a while I just feel like I should include it and relax and then give a very long time again before enjoying this biblical food.

Carbonated drinks

 Another food to avoid by diabetics and pre-diabetics is carbonated drinks.  Whether it is malt, soft drinks as they call it but in real function, I call them hard drinks.   All  carbonated drinks are full of sugar and highly inflammatory  so if you are working on your blood sugar try  to lower sugar please all the canned drinks should be avoided including, sugar free drinks, they are even worse. Such  drinks which we normally buy along the road while in the car. Or in the traffic, please stay away.  They are not good for your blood sugar they are high in sugar too.

Transfats from Vegetable oils 

 Transffrom vegetable oil may not be a source of Direct sugar but because of it effect on aged digestive health and because of inflammatory nature and that that is why it is in this list of foods to avoid as much as possible the diabetic need fat from healthy fats like olive oil palm oil peanut oil avocado oil will not another good oils but not artificially manipulated fats into vegetable oils as we see all over the place in our markets and supermarkets as much as possible avoid them most of them are charged with heart-friendly and even diabetic friendly but they are not friendly most of these labels are for commercial advantage and purposes


watermelon is another food that is very bad for diabetes to eat a healthy food is a natural food but everything and pre-diabetics so please be very selective in the type of fruits they consume to avoid complication this is one of the very healthy fruit that is great for health but not healthy for diabetics I know that there are several other fruits like this also a fruits like banana fruits like a pineapple and a lot of them but we can try to manage some of them like pineapple is more amount but watermelon tend to be very very sharp for diabetics and we should please not include it as proof that we can consume we can take one orange with the fibre mintec arrange with the place we can occasionally add lemon to a water can take other non sweet fruits that cucumbers other fruits like like a garden egg and a lot of others like that but avoid all sweet fruits like papaya fruit mangoes golden melon and all the sweet fruits and if you must take them for any reason you will be sure to mix them with another food that will counter is sweetness a fruit like clothes could be added and blended together with it and then tried in small amount if you think you need what is in that in the particular fruits and you desperately want to consume it and said to include something like cinnamon to help with natural insulin production and their the other spices also that you can mix with it or consume it along with it in order to avoid a sudden spike or rise in your blood sugar.


 Avoiding or being mindful of the above foods in addition to consuming whole foods, low calories vegetables, exercising and Observing water therapy daily will definitely help fix your blood sugar issues.


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